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The Delta production and technical company-the enterprise-producer of the steel bent reinforcing profiles used for production of plastic Windows and door designs.


The company has been operating in the Russian market of reinforcing profiles since 2005.

For production of profiles the galvanized metal rolling is used
production of JSC "Severstal", JSC "MMK"
All products of OOO "PTK "Delta" certified.
Certificate of conformity № ROSS RU.AYA64.N02259.

Slotting works

Slotting works

The richness of the species diversity of machining, the Central position among which belongs to slotting works. Work is carried out on slotting machine called a cutter.

Slotting works are actual at the requirement of carrying out processing of various surfaces of products in the form of:

geometric shapes with unequal sides.
Among other things, it finds its application when it is necessary to cut gears of different gearing: internal and external.

By swotting perform a number of some technological tasks, namely education:

grooves of various purpose;
the inclined grooves in the parameters ' V ' keys;
key grooves, which is localized in the holes of the bushings/gears;
slotted holes;
internal guides.

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