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The Delta production and technical company-the enterprise-producer of the steel bent reinforcing profiles used for production of plastic Windows and door designs.


The company has been operating in the Russian market of reinforcing profiles since 2005.

For production of profiles the galvanized metal rolling is used
production of JSC "Severstal", JSC "MMK"
All products of OOO "PTK "Delta" certified.
Certificate of conformity № ROSS RU.AYA64.N02259.

Galvanized steel with polymer coating


Galvanized steel with polymer coating

Hot-dip galvanized steel with a protective and decorative polymer coating is one of the best modern materials, characterized by high strength, reliability and durability.

The polymer coating not only effectively protects the metal from mechanical and climatic influences, but also gives the products a flawless appearance.

Due to the high technical and operational and aesthetic characteristics of galvanized steel with polymer coating has established itself as a reliable raw material for the manufacture of products in various fields:

Interior and exterior decoration during construction (facade cassettes, metal siding, sandwich panels, suspended ceiling systems and profiles for various purposes)
Roofing material and drainage systems (profiled sheet, metal, additional elements, etc.))
Housing parts of household appliances and appliances
Spare parts in auto, aircraft and shipbuilding


Technical parameters

Steel grade

 Product standard

Thickness, mm

Width, mm





08ps; 08YU; St1ps; St2ps; St3ps

      GOST R 52146-03






An extensive palette of colors in the RAL catalog allows you to create multi-color three-dimensional compositions, to give architectural expression to any object, and the constant properties of galvanized steel provide durability, versatility, practicality.

We seek for effective and mutually beneficial cooperation with the buyer and today are ready to offer you all range of services in metal working

Employees of our company always Orient you on the availability of metal, prices, terms of production and shipment. You will receive not only quality products that will be delivered on time, but also a lot of positive emotions!





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