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The Delta production and technical company-the enterprise-producer of the steel bent reinforcing profiles used for production of plastic Windows and door designs.


The company has been operating in the Russian market of reinforcing profiles since 2005.

For production of profiles the galvanized metal rolling is used
production of JSC "Severstal", JSC "MMK"
All products of OOO "PTK "Delta" certified.
Certificate of conformity № ROSS RU.AYA64.N02259.

Questions and answers

Question: Where is the production and technical company "Delta"?

Answer: Our company is located in a large industrial city of the Vologda region — in Cherepovets, which is located at the intersection of roads and Railways.

Question: what cities do you deliver your products to?

Answer: the Geography of supplies is extensive — all regions of Russia, as well as the Republic of Belarus. Shipment of products is made by rail and road.

Question: does the Delta Production and technical company consider itself to be manufacturers or dealers?

Answer: for more than 7 years, our company is represented in the Russian market of reinforcing profiles. We are engaged in production of steel bent reinforcing profiles which are applied to production of door designs and plastic Windows.

Question: Tell us about the range of your products

Answer: every year the range of products expands, this is due to an increase in the production base, the introduction of innovative developments and the development of new activities. Today we produce more than 100 types of roll-formed reinforcing profiles for different window systems made of PVC, such as: EXPROF, REHAU, WINTECH, VEKA, KBE, BECKER, MONTBLANC, SCHUCO, GEALAN, THYSSEN, ARTEC, ALUPLAST, PLAFEN, LG, THY, SALAMANDER, SSEN. With detailed information on all products available on our website http://www.ptkdelta.com/foto.html.

Question: What is the thickness of the profile is available?

Answer: In the presence of a profile from 1 to 2 mm. If necessary according to customer's drawings, our experts can within a month to produce almost any profile.

Question: What thickness of steel rolls are produced in your company?

Answer: we are engaged in the production of steel rolls from 0.3 to 2 mm.

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