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The Delta production and technical company-the enterprise-producer of the steel bent reinforcing profiles used for production of plastic Windows and door designs.


The company has been operating in the Russian market of reinforcing profiles since 2005.

For production of profiles the galvanized metal rolling is used
production of JSC "Severstal", JSC "MMK"
All products of OOO "PTK "Delta" certified.
Certificate of conformity № ROSS RU.AYA64.N02259.

Galvanized steel

LLC intercity BC-1 carries out sale from own warehouse and under the order of galvanized steel from 0,3 to 2 mm thick.

Galvanized metal got its name due to the specialized coating of rolled steel with a thin layer of zinc, which prevents corrosion under the influence of moisture and oxygen, protects from the influence of ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes and other destructive factors.

Galvanized steel is widely used in the construction industry, the automotive industry, in the manufacture of household and agricultural machinery, various equipment.

Due to its properties, galvanized steel is easily subjected to deep drawing, rolling, bending, stamping and other mechanical loads, which allows the use of this metal in the production of roofing material, gutters, cornices, ventilation, tanks and other structures.

The main advantages of galvanized steel are:

High anti-corrosion properties
Strength and wear resistance
Durability and long service life of products without loss of quality
Presentable appearance
Relatively low cost
Due to the low weight of galvanized steel products do not have a lot of pressure on the supporting structure, easy to install, economical during transportation
Technical parameters

Steel grade

Product standard

Thickness, mm

Width, mm

Characteristics of the coating





Type of coating

Coating class


    GOST 14918-80





MT – without the pattern of crystallization CR-with crystallization pattern

  Class 1, 2


   GOST R 52246-16





 M-with minimal crystallization pattern   H-with crystallization pattern


  100 - 275


We seek for effective and mutually beneficial cooperation with clients and are ready to offer you a range of services in metal working

Employees of our company always Orient you on the availability of metal, prices, terms of production and shipment. You will receive not only quality products that will be delivered on time, but also a lot of positive emotions!





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