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Анкерные пластины для окон ПВХ: качество сертифицировано

ООО «ПТК «Дельта» предлагает по цене производителя анкерные пластины, включая поворотные, для окон ПВХ REHAU и KBE. В наличии весь размерный ряд: от 150 до 250 мм.

Anchor plates

PTC Delta anchor plates»:

made of galvanized metal thickness of 1.2 and 1.5 mm production of JSC "Severstal" and JSC " Severgal»;
made in strict accordance with the drawings of the development companies;
they have state certificates.
The advantages of the use of anchor plates for PVC Windows:

do not require drilling of window structures;
preserve the integrity of the plastic frame, prevent moisture from entering the circuit;
allow fixture to the wall with rebar, voids, insulation and wall structures made of aerated concrete, bricks, cinder blocks, limestone, tuff.
It is possible to buy anchor plates from warehouses in Cherepovets, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Moscow. Deliveries are carried out throughout Russia.

Swivel Anchor:

REHAU 150 mm (150 PCs)

REHAU 192 mm (120 PCs)

REHAU 250 mm (100 PCs)

The anchor plate is fixed:

Rehau165*25*1,2 500 PCs.

REHAU. 165*25*1,5

REHAU. 192*25*1,2 (200PCS)

REHAU. 192*25*1,5(200PCS)

Anchor plate:

KBE 58 ser. 150*25*1,2

KBE 58 ser. 150*25*1,5 Package 200 PCs

AP KWE 70 ser170*25*1,2

AP KWE 70 ser170*25*1.5

KVE (58)70 series L-192 mmx1, 4 mm

KVE (58)70 series L-192 mmx1, 4 mm

KBE (58)70 ser. L=250х1,5 mm (150 PCs)

KBE (58)70 ser. L=250 mm x1,2 mm


Anchor plates REHAU


KBE anchor plates


PEXAY anchor plates

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Company benefits
Full range of certified galvanized steel and polymer coated steel in stock.

Presence of own industrial base with an area of 30000 square meters, with a production capacity of 120 thousand tons per year, lines for rolled profiles, the processing of coil stock into a sheet, tape, cards.

The presence of direct relations with manufacturers, which guarantees attractive terms of the transaction and the ability to supply a full range of products of the world's leading plants (PJSC "Severstal", PJSC "MMK", ArcelorMittal).

Possibility of delivery of production to a warehouse of the buyer own motor transport, a complete set of combined orders, including carriage norms.



State certification Государственная сертификация
Rolling production up to 4000 tons / month Производство
The range of products-150 types of profiles Производство профилей
100% quality control of manufactured products Контроль качества выпускаемой продукции
Certificate of conformity

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